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Steelmaking operations

Lime kiln shop

    A double chamber furnace 'Mertz' is installed at the industrial site by the grinding and dressing plant of Goroblagodatsky Metal Mining complex within rich deposits of limestone.
    The shop includes kilns, an acceptance area with limestone transport; power supply and auxiliary facilities.
    Furnace design capacity - 148 thousand tons of lime a year.
    The process applied suggests alternating calcining of the material in one of the chambers. With this practice the limestone is a regeneration agent and fume gases are a heat carrier.
    The process of calcining in kilns 'Mertz' under regenerative heating offers soft calcining and results into lime with CaO of 96%.
    All lime processes are power operated and included into a single computer system controled through a central kiln control station.


Blast-oxygen shop

Secondary metallurgy

Continuous casting

Open-hearth shop
Lime shop